DJ Drops 24/7 - Custom DJ Drop Script Examples
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DJ Drops 24/7 - Custom DJ Drop Script Examples

It's a pretty common topic when it comes to purchasing Custom DJ Drops...

"I'm not sure what my scripts should say."

To be honest, after voicing and producing thousands of DJ Drops over the years, it doesn't really matter! It's YOUR brand - figure out what suits you and roll with it.


DJ Drops 24/7 - Custom DJ Drop Script Examples


If you need something specific for a new Mixtape you're releasing or a Nightclub gig you just landed, then roll with that. Want to let your audience know what city you represent? That's a popular choice, roll with that. Perhaps you're known for being a jokester and don't want your Drop to make ANY SENSE AT ALL, yep - we get those all the time, roll with it. 

The good news for you is we're up for saying just about anything - "anything goes," so to speak.

We recently had a purchase for our 10 Fully Custom Dry DJ Drops and the DJ ONLY gave us their DJ Name, no scripts... When we sent a follow-up email asking for scripts, they said, "Do anything you want for scripts, the key is just use my DJ Name in all of them." 

So with that, we've decided to put together a list of Popular DJ Drop Scripts... Use them if you'd like! Regardless, we hope they will give you inspiration in choosing what you want your DJ Drops to say.

Popular DJ Drop Scripts [in no particular order]: 

  • You're in the mix with [DJ Name Here]!
  • [DJ Name Here] is in the mix!
  • It's your DJ's favorite DJ, [DJ Name Here]!
  • It's your girlfriend's favorite DJ, [DJ Name Here]!
  • You're now rockin' with [DJ Name Here]!
  • Keepin' it locked and loaded, it's [DJ Name Here]!
  • [DJ Name Here], live in the mix!
  • Playin' live, it's [DJ Name Here]!
  • Live on the 1s and 2s, its [DJ Name Here]!
  • It's [DJ Name Here] on the 1s and 2s!
  • You're listening to the hottest DJ in the game, [DJ Name Here]!
  • It's your Number 1 DJ, [DJ Name Here]!
  • Takin' it back in the day with another throwback jam, it's [DJ Name Here]!
  • Keepin' the Party going all night long, it's [DJ Name Here]!
  • Kickin' it Old School with [DJ Name Here]!
  • Straight out of [your city], it's [DJ Name Here]!
  • You're listening to [your city]'s own, [DJ Name Here]!
  • Here's another Exclusive, from [DJ Name Here]!
  • Droppin' exclusive after exclusive, it's [DJ Name Here]!
  • It's [DJ Name Here], with another Exclusive Remix!

Also, don't forget about plugging your personal website and Social channels so your fans can follow you! 

Ready to get started? Browse our Fully Custom Dry DJ Drops and Fully Custom Produced DJ Drops and let's take your brand to the next level!

Want more info on DJ Drops? Check out our DJ Drops Buying Guide!

- Brandon

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  • dj force wonderz on

    its awesome……..

  • Dj nicozz on

    From my fingers to your ears this is dj nicozz

  • Brandon on

    Hello all!

    Need drops? Hit me up in the chat in the bottom right hand corner or shoot me an email to Let’s get something started for you!

    Thank you,
    Brandon (the voice of your Drops)

  • Dj nicozz on

    Message You are hanging out with the baddest dj dj nicozz

  • Micheal Joecole on

    I need a radio jingle please reply me

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