DJ Effects Mega Pack - Volume 1

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DJ Effects Mega Pack Vol. 1 - Sample Demo

(this is simply a mash-up preview of many effects included in this pack)

This Sound Effects Mega Pack includes EVERYTHING below:

95 Sound Effects Total

  1. DJ Tools Sound Effects Volume 2 - 20 Sound Effects
  2. DJ Tools Sound Effects Volume 1 - 15 Sound Effects
  3. Ambient Sound Effects Volume 1 - 20 Sound Effects
  4. Laser Sound Effects Volume 1 - 20 Sound Effects
  5. Whoosh Sound Effects Volume 1 - 20 Sound Effects
  • The ULTIMATE addition to your DJ Effects Arsenal
  • Download instantly after purchase
  • All effects come as individual files once downloaded

DJ Effects Included:

(and more!)

  • Explosions
  • Horns
  • Sirens
  • Lasers
  • Whooshes
  • Cars Sounds
  • Train Sounds
  • Glass Crashing
  • Police Sirens
  • Futuristic Sirens   
  • Boxing Ring Bells
  • Backspins
  • Cash Registers
  • Clapping (CLAP-CLAP!)
  • Gun Shots
  • Jet Flybys
  • Plane Flybys
  • Laser Sirens
  • Semi Horns
  • Birds Chirping
  • Air Raid Sirens
  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Thunder
  • Lion Roars
  • Angry Bull Roars
  • Dog Growling
  • Crowd Applause
  • Chainsaws
  • Heartbeats


      1. It is HIGHLY recommended that you download using a laptop or traditional computer, NOT a phone or tablet. 
      2. After purchase, you will have option to download on "Confirmation Page" as well as via Automatic Download Email that is sent
      3. Once you click the download link, you will be brought to the website, where you will have 5 available downloads. You only need to click the download button ONCE, then wait several seconds for download to start automatically
      4. If you click more than once before download starts, the process starts over again, but each click counts towards your available downloads
      5. Most downloads begin automatically, but may take up to 10 - 15 seconds depending on your internet connection speeds 

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