DJ Intro Pack #2

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This DJ Intro Pack includes Three (3) Customizable DJ Intros: 

    1. DJ Intro - Beat Maker: "The DJ other DJs want to be... The DJ other DJ's Girlfriends want to be with... It's the one and only, the BEAT MAKER Supreme -- [DJ Name Added]!"
    2. DJ Intro - Reign Supreme: "In a World... Where DJs Reign Supreme, one man stands above them all. Welcome to his Domain, his Kingdom, his Universe - It's -- [DJ Name Added]!"
    3. DJ Intro - Testing 1, 2: "Testing... Testing 1, 2... 1, 2... We good? We good? Aight, cool. THIS - should be played as loud as possible! -- [DJ Name Added] -- is goin' in!"
    • OVER 30% OFF!
    • Can be customized with YOUR DJ Name
    • Three (3) Produced DJ Intros with VFX, SFX, Stuttering, Chopping,  Adlibs, Echo, and more
    • Best used as a Mixtape, Radio Show, or Set DJ Intro
    • Save over 30% when you buy this Intro Pack instead of Individuals

We know certain times call for DJ Drops in a hurry, so we offer several Turnaround Times!

    • 24 Hour Turnaround Time Delivery
    • 48 Hour Turnaround Time Delivery
    • 3 - 5 Day Turnaround Time Delivery

*You will have opportunity to select Turnaround Time Delivery Method during checkout. Drop will be delivered by attachment to email address used to make purchase.

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