Want to join our Voice Talent Roster? We want to hear from you!

We are actively looking to expand our roster with top energetic talent in the following voice styles: Urban, Spanish, Hype, British, Sexy, Jamaican, "Top 40" -- and more!

Experience in radio, voice-overs, and (specifically) recording DJ Drops are a bonus, but not necessary. We won't ask for your resume -- the demo / samples you submit will do that for you. 

Basic requirements are: 

  • Professional recording setup (sorry, recording from your phone won't work)
  • Ability to turnaround recordings in 24 - 72 hours (max)
  • Able to take direction and communicate effectively via email

That's it! So you ready?! Fill out the form below and upload your demo / samples using the 'file upload' supplied, or -- send samples as attachments to info@DJDrops247.com

  • For samples, fully produced with music / effects are great, but what we really want to hear is your recording quality & environment, so please also include completely raw samples with no cleaning up or mastering filters whatsoever. 



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