What's up, DJ Drops 24/7 Fam?!

Brandon back at you once again -- main male voice talent and owner of DJ Drops 24/7. I received an exciting call the other day from my man DJ Vinny Dice. I've been voicing DJ Drops for Vinny Dice for a while now, and him and his Old School counterpart, Big Time Tommie, were recently featured on an episode of Showtime's Desus & Mero!

...and wouldn't you know it, DJ Vinny Dice blessed everyone with some freestyle mix action, in addition to -- Custom DJ Drops voiced by yours truly! 

Check out the clip below and be sure to find DJ Vinny Dice and Big Time Tommie "keepin' Old School alive" on all Social Media, plus tune in to the Desus & Mero Show airing on Showtime! 

Want Custom Drops as heard in the video? That would be my Fully Custom Dry Drops option!

Now -- time to get back to work on Vinny Dice's next batch of Custom DJ Drops!


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