The All New DJ Drops 24/7!

It's here! After seven years under our old theme (launched March of 2016) -- we've rolled out a brand spankin' new design with tools and functions to help you navigate the site better and improve your DJ Drops shopping experience!

Let's keep this post short and sweet -- but mainly, I'd like to layout a few key features to help you browse around. 


  • Whether on our desktop site or mobile site, you'll find our new menu is better organized and broken down by Collections, Voice Styles, and Product types.
DJ Drops 24/7 Main menu

DJ Drops 24/7 Main Menu 2


  • This is the BIG ONE. Regardless what collection or product type you land on, you have the option of FILTERING products by voice style, product type, price, and much more!
DJ Drops 24/7 - Product Filtering

DJ Drops 24/7 - Product filtering 2
  • With the new design, there's a lot more functionality available for promoting our most popular collections and products. You'll notice a nice clean breakdown showcasing our voice styles, popular collections, and product types: Premade, Fully Custom, and Instant Download

DJ Drops 24/7 - Homepage

DJ Drops 24/7 - Homepage 2

And that's just a few key features with the new design, but I'll be putting together a more in-depth video that dives a bit deeper to help you with your shopping experience. We've come a long way since first launching in 2012 and I greatly appreciate you all being here for the ride!

Until next time, 

- Brandon

Owner, DJ Drops 24/7

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Rene-Daniel/DJ Prime

Rene-Daniel/DJ Prime

Hello Brandon,

I love the changes you made and the new design, it is easier to navigate and love the filters. I love what you guys do and I use it every time I stream.

Looking forward to my next visit and surely my next buying. Congrats and until next time.

Sincerely yours,

Rene-Daniel (DJ Prime)

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