What are DJ Drops?

This is a constantly revolving question, and one that might have a slightly different answer depending on the website or who you ask, so I figured it was time for a refresher! The question being - What is a DJ Drop? And what are the different types?

Put simply, a DJ Drop is a short voice-over sample that you "drop" during any type of performance. It's a way to brand yourself and your mixes, and lets your audience know who is in control of playing those good vibes! A DJ Drop is Marketing 101 for your brand and building your business. 

There are several types: Custom Name Drops (drop of name ONLY), Fully Custom Dry DJ Drops (full script - vocals only), Fully Custom Produced DJ Drops (full script with stutter, sound effects, and extra production), and then even Fully Custom DJ Intros (longer scripts played at beginning of mix or performance with full production). 

At DJ Drops 24/7, we offer both Fully Custom DJ Drops (submit your own scripts, voiced / produced from scratch) and Pre-made DJ Drops (drops are pre-produced which allow you to preview them before purchasing. Then are customized with your DJ Name). 

Confused? Let's hear some samples of each!

Fully Custom PRODUCED DJ Drops - Remember, these drops can come with stutters, sound effects, vocal effects, adlib vocal samples, and more. 


Fully Custom DRY DJ Drops - These DJ Drops are Vocals only. At DJ Drops 24/7, we offer them Completely Dry (raw vocals) or you can have Vocal Effects (echo, delay, etc) added at no extra charge. 


Pre-Made Custom DJ Drops - Pre-Made DJ Drops allow you to listen to the drop before purchasing. Below is our Popular DJ Drop Pack #11. Listen in the samples for the "Your DJ Name Here" plug. That's the spot where your DJ, Stage, or Business Name would be customized into the drop. Besides adding the Name, these drops are purchased as is, with no extra edits. 

Now for Custom DJ Intros!

 Fully Custom DJ Intros - These allow for longer scripts and more production, and are typically used at the start of a show or DJ Set to introduce you! 



Pre-Made Custom DJ Intros - Just like Pre-Made DJ Drops, listen out for the "Your DJ Name Here" plug, that's where your DJ Name would go. The sample below is our newly released "Welcome" Custom DJ Intro!

So now that you have the rundown, it's time to get started on building your brand! Shoot us a message or hit us up on the Contact Us page with any questions. 

Talk soon!


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